EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

Is your school EnergIQ already?

A healthy and balanced diet is vital for a growing child. As a teacher you probably understand that better than anyone. But not all children want - or are able - to eat healthily or are aware of how important it is and how to go about it. EnergIQ.be gives you the opportunity to make a difference by inspiring your own students and other schools to adopt a healthier diet.

What can you do?

How can you give children the motivation to eat better and live better? First and foremost, of course, by signing your school up at EnergIQ.be and getting your students involved. Tell them about the platform and take inspiration from the did you knows, tips, interesting articles, delicious recipes and cool challenges. Host a class discussion about a theme addressed on the site or share a challenge with your students. You don’t need to use the teaching materials and games as such. You can simply use them as inspiration, pick out certain aspects or mix things up.

Inspire your colleagues

As well as your own students, you can also inspire teachers and students at other schools. In the “News from schools” section we invite you and your colleagues to tell others about your EnergIQ school. Write a report about a competition you entered, give tips about healthy eating, explain how your class has given its own personal twist to a challenge or devised its own competition. We would like you to keep us up to date about what’s happening at your school. You’d like to push the message and make healthy eating a hot topic for kids and young people? Sign up for EnergIQ and inspire the whole EnergIQ community with your achievements. We look forward to hearing from you!