EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

Institut ‘La Providence’ gets a taste for EnergIQ cooking workshop

The students at ‘La Providence’ in Champion completed the year in style with a healthy EnergIQ workshop. They hooked up with the Scolarest chefs to prepare healthy, sustainable, delicious dishes, including a soup of forgotten vegetables and a blackberry and coconut smoothie. Going by the smiles on everyone’s faces, the event was a big success with students and teachers alike.

Healthy body, healthy mind

At ‘La Providence’ in Champion students were encouraged to switch to healthy, nutritious food with a little help from Scolarest. School head Olaf Mertens is fully convinced that a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. The school has dropped soft drinks and now serves fries just once a week. The long-term goal is to encourage teachers and chefs to work together by organizing healthy activities.

Scrumptious soup and smoothies

One of those activities is the EnergIQ workshop, which was held in Champion for the first time. The lower secondary school’s students were given a chance to get busy in the kitchen in a drive to raise awareness of healthy and sustainable food. The menu: a colourful smoothie with blackberries and coconut, and a soup of forgotten vegetables. Joëlle Volkaerts at Scolarest says it’s the ideal way to introduce kids to healthy eating: “This concept gives parents and teachers the support they need to teach kids to adopt a healthy diet. It also tells them about forgotten vegetables, how to minimise food waste and how to help protect the planet by consuming in a sustainable way.”

Watch the TV report

The workshop was held at just the right time. An afternoon of fun and delicious, healthy food just before the Christmas holidays gave everyone a push to start the new year on a healthy footing. It caught the eye of local TV station Canal C, which ran a news item on the first ever EnergIQ workshop. Interested to see for yourself how things went? Watch the report below.

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