EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

Youngsters need to fill up on energy. To grow. To play. And to study. Basically, to get the most out of life. So healthy eating habits and a balanced diet are essential for them to be able to draw on the energy they need.

Especially at school. Because young people spend a lot of time in lessons. Nutritious meals and snacks have to keep them alert and active. From the first bell to the last.

That’s a big challenge for schools. EnergIQ helps them do that.


EnergIQ is a dietary education concept platform specially designed for primary and secondary schoolgoers.

It brings together schools, students and parents in a clever way to think about making healthy dietary choices.

At school... and at home.

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Schools get a big return on an investment in healthy, energy-giving meals.

  • Students feel good and have the energy to do their best every day.
  • Parents are satisfied because their kids learn to keep their diet well balanced when they are at school.
  • Schools polish their image and strengthen their reputation by showing that they give due attention to all facets of education, including diet.

EnergIQ is all about providing information, raising awareness and activating both youngsters and parents. They learn to be aware of their diet and stay healthy through school lessons, competitions, challenges, activities and blog posts.

EnergIQ revolves around this online platform. You’ll find lots of interesting blog posts, competitions, challenges and more. Found your school yet?