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Water is indispensable. And not just on hot summer days. Your body needs enough liquids now the school year has started too. Get this message out to your class. Everyone wins!

Water, the rest follows

First the figures. The recommended daily water intake for 4-8-year-olds – from eating or drinking – is 1.6 litres. Girls aged 9-13 need 1.9 litres, boys 2.1 litres. And adolescents (>14 years old) are advised to drink 2 litres (females) to 2.5 litres (males) of water per day.

So your students need a lot of water. Why? Simply to prevent their body from dehydrating. That helps ensure their cognitive functions remain optimal and they can concentrate properly. It rules out physical complaints like headaches, irritability and hyperactivity. Basically, hydration keeps your class alert, calm and fresh.

The Belgian mineral water brand Spa has compiled a teaching pack to help you encourage your students to drink sufficient water in a fun way. Each teaching pack has all the materials you need for 30 students in the classroom. 

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Discover also the educational poster ‘Water Champion’ from EnergIQ to use in your class and help your students find out which fruits and vegetables contain most water.