EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

Learn about healthy eating the fun way

The goal of EnergIQ is to raise awareness of healthy and sustainable eating among students from an early age in a fun way. This dynamic platform is brimming with eye-catching, interesting facts and fun challenges to get started with healthy eating. Every month we turn the spotlight on a different theme, with new content on EnergIQ.be. So come back regularly to check it out and encourage your students to take part in the challenges.

New month, new challenge

In November we have forgotten vegetables on the menu. Literally and figuratively. The whole month you’ll be able to access fun facts, tips, interesting articles, delicious recipes and cool challenges to help you turn your students on to vegetables. Like every month, we are hosting an online challenge on this theme to find the forgotten vegetables champion. The challenge is to identify the right (forgotten) vegetables in the ten photos as fast as possible. Caught your interest? Take a look on the challenge page. If you have any questions about our challenges, any tips or remarks, be sure to contact us.