EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

One of the golden rules of sustainable eating: never throw anything away. We have ten top tips for wasting less food for kids and parents. However careful you are with your food, everyone ends up with leftovers at some point. Here we challenge kids to use the scraps in their fridge to make a creative dish that looks good and tastes fabulous. With help from their parents as needed.

Challenge your students and their parents!

Ask your students to take some before and after photos. So, a snap of the scraps in the fridge and another of what they make with them. You can turn this into a class photo contest. Put everyone’s photos on the wall and let the students vote for their favourite.

The challenge in a nutshell

1. Choose your leftovers from the fridge
2. Take a photo of your scraps
3. Get creative to conjure up a dish from what you have
4. Take a photo of the result
5. Bring the before and after photos to school for a chance to win!

Reward your winner

Whether you have chosen a winner yourself or you have held a vote to find out the popular choice, you can reward your champion with delicious Innocent drinks. EnergIQ is giving away a whole box of Innocent smoothies. These healthy refreshments are not just mouth-watering, they also help create a more sustainable world. Innocent uses fruit from farmers who are kind to their people, to nature and to the surrounding environment. They also make a difference in production and packaging.