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How much water does your body contain? Well: water makes up more than half of your body weight. The older you get, the lower the water percentage. So a baby’s body contains 75% water and a child’s 65%. In grownups it’s 60% and older people don’t get higher than 55%.

Where is most of the water?

So where is all that water exactly? The water in your body is spread over various organs and transportation means. The organs that contain most water are the kidneys (81%). Also the heart (80%) and the blood (80%) contain a lot of water. They are followed by the lungs (78%), muscles (75%), brain (75%) and skin (70%).

Question: If your body is 65% water, how much water is that in total?
Answer: Multiply your weight in kilos by 65%. The result is the number of litres in your body.