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We have been celebrating World Water Day all over the world on 22 March since 1993. What does this day stand for and what does it really mean? EnergIQ explains it!

Focus on the global water problem

The United Nations, which launched World Water Day on 22 March 1993, is the driving force behind the international day of water. The purpose is to focus our attention on the worldwide water problem. Due to climate change, the water level of the seas and oceans is rising, the quality of our water is decreasing and in some places,  there is a water shortage, while other places are ravaged by floods.

Enough drinking water and water for domestic use are essential for human existence. By paying enough attention to problems like floods, droughts and water pollution, and the ways in which we can limit these, the UN wants to encourage member states to organize events and distribute information about water.

Theme of 2019: ‘Water for everyone’

Every year, the UN highlights a different theme. World Water Day 2019 is about ‘Leave no one behind’ (Water for everyone). By 2030 everyone must have access to clean and safe water. Water is a human right. Men, women, adults, children, refugees.... No matter who you are and where you live, everyone is included.