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Under a warm blanket, snug at the fireside, with a hot chocolate drink... While staying in on cold winter days might seem like the best plan, it’s important to get out and get enough exercise even when it’s biting cold. And anyway, outdoor winter sports are fun and very healthy. Long live winter sports!


A lot of people will be setting off for the mountains soon for their winter sport holiday, be that downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. But there are plenty of other winter sports to choose from! Luge and bobsleighing for two. On a luge you lie on your back while sliding downhill very fast on a winding course. Bobsleighs are for two or four people. You’ve already heard of ice hockey and ice skating. Special skates ensure that you whizz over the ice. If you’d like to take things a bit easier, you can have a great time on a mountain hike, with or without special snowshoes. You’ll enjoy a fabulous view and visit some great places.


Not like the cold much? Cold air is actually good for you. Frost kills lots of bacteria, so you don’t get sick so easily. And when you exercise your heart beats faster and your blood circulates at a faster rate, which raises your temperature. As long as you wear appropriate clothes you don’t have to worry about getting cold. So, what are you waiting for?