EnergiQ is a dietary education platform

Not so long-ago people lived and ate differently. A season meant something and there were mainly local delicacies on the menu Today, the shops are full of the most exotic species all year round. Because of that abundance, unfortunately some of the flavours from our kitchen are forgotten. Time to put them in the spotlights again!

Old varieties, new cultivation

First this. You have different kinds of forgotten vegetables. Some of you may still know (and eat) them today, but in a different variant. The old varieties have simply been replaced by newer varieties that are easier to grow and yield more for the farmer. Often the taste is also adjusted, they are less bitter or sour, sometimes sweeter. Think of sprouts or chicory that taste a lot softer nowadays... But also, the cabbages, carrots, beets and beans of those days have changed with the times. Just like the tomato by the way.

We no longer like this

In addition, there are several vegetables that we have almost completely forgotten. These are species that our (grand)parents used to prepare frequently, but (unfortunately) no more Why is that? We just don't like them, or they don't yield the cultivator enough. The parsnip is such an unlucky guy. But also, salsify, rammenas, kohlrabi, horseradish and topinambur have lost a lot of their popularity. Not to mention greenlof, Jerusalem artichoke, zebra tomatoes or winter purslane What? Well, the list is long, but luckily there is good news.

Back in taste

Due to the greater attention for a healthy and varied diet (see e.g. the new food triangle), vegetables from our own cultivation have become more popular in recent years. And with good reason. Also forgotten vegetables are nutritious and full of flavour. Moreover, you can combine them endlessly in surprisingly trendy dishes. And for that you should not be called Sergio Herman at all. Just google and you will immediately find a mass of delicious recipes and easy to prepare. What are you waiting for?

So, what should we remember?

  1. Forgotten vegetables are tasty.
  2. They still deserve a seat on the table today.
  3. They are healthy, and you can cook with them!