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How to

Making ice lollies is really easy.

All you need is some fruit (watermelon, strawberry, berries), water, lolly moulds, sticks and a blender. If you’d like your ice lollies to be a little creamier, add coconut water or yoghurt. What is a blender? It’s a kitchen appliance that squishes everything together, like when you make a smoothie… So, let’s get started.

  • Cut the fruit into pieces. If you are using a lemon or an orange, you only need the juice. A small bowl of fruit or juice is enough. 
  • Transfer it to the blender, add half a cup of water and get blending. 
  • Pour the juice into your moulds and carefully place the stick in. Put the moulds in the freezer. Leave them for at least three hours, so that they freeze right through. Enjoy!