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A winter vegetable most people don’t know too well but you really have to try is beetroot. It’s not only delicious, it’s also super healthy. Like to hear about the secrets of beetroot? Read on!

British scientists discovered beetroot’s secret superpowers in a large-scale study with two types of people. One group was asked to drink one glass of beetroot juice every day, the other a glass of redcurrant juice After a while, the researchers noticed that the people who were drinking beetroot juice were able to exercise longer and more intensely. They also registered a lower blood pressure, which is better for the heart.

The secret? Beetroot is brimming with nitrates. They open your blood vessels, which allows more oxygen to be carried to your muscles. Your muscles use up less energy, so you can exercise longer. No wonder many athletes regularly consume beetroot.

And the best news? Beetroot is yummy! You can prepare it in lots of different ways: beetroot vegetable mash with sausage, beetroot pizza, beetroot bake... Whatever you make, every one is a tasty winter dish that fills you up with energy. Accompanied by a delicious glass of beetroot juice of course. Mouth-watering!

One thing you should perhaps keep in mind is that beetroot juice turns your pee a darkish red colour. So don’t worry if you notice this.