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Cucumber is the ideal ‘extra’ vegetable: a cucumber salad with a hot meal or a piece of cucumber to keep you going between meals or in a sandwich. Because appearances count too, why not try making cucumber roses. This is how.

  1. Wash the cucumber, but without peeling it.
  2. Cut it into thin round slices. You can use a cheese slicer, too. Just make sure the slices are thin enough to be rolled up. You need 14-18 slices for one rose, depending on how full you want it to be.
  3. Place the slices of cucumber in a long line, so they are overlapping each other. Make sure you have some cocktail sticks handy.
  4. Roll the slices up. Each slice makes the roll a little thicker.
  5. Secure the roll by pushing a cocktail stick across the bottom. Push a second stick through so that the sticks form a cross at the bottom. Use a third one if you need to firm it up a little.
  6. Fold the outermost ‘petals’ carefully inwards.
  7. To tidy it up, you can cut off any protruding bits of the cocktail sticks with tough scissors. Your cucumber rose is ready!